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16th-Oct-2007 03:50 pm - *first*
"Oh, my beloved!" Thalyssia cried, as she saw the tall, manly figure of Alphonso. "Take me in your arms! Make me yours forever!"
She ran to him, her heaving chest burning like the hottest fire. This moment was perfect. It was all she had ever wished for, all she had ever desired - to be with Alphonso for always, in defiance with the rest of the world.
However, the moment she put her arms around him, she realized something was wrong. "What is the matter, my love?" she asked, looking up to meet his eyes.
It was then that she let out a piercing scream.
For this was not Alphonso, as she imagined, but the dread Ludwigner, for of Alphonso and betrothed to Thalyssia against her will.
"Yes, 'my beloved,'" he said with a cold, evil smile as he pointed his wand at the fair metamorphmagus. "I shall make you mine forever..."

Heheh, just making sure you're reading this.

Anyway, hi there! I figured it was time to see how these things work. So far it's been... interesting, I think it's the word.
(Now, Fred, don't be offended by my pause. I didn't mean "interesting" as a bad thing, but as "it's still too early for me to draw an opinion; let's wait and see.")
However, I think I can already say that I find this thing extremely refreshing. Finally, a place where we can badmouth our "esteemed" and "revered" High Inquisitor without her becoming our High Executioner.

Anyway, what have I missed?
OOC: Gryffindor
Name: Leanne Elizabeth Mallory
Gender: Female
Date of birth: March 15th, 1979
Year: Sixth
House: Gryffindor
Blood status: Muggleborn

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