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8th-Feb-2008 11:22 am - *eleventh*
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I'm going to raid the kitchens in search for chocolate in a little while. Anyone wants to join me?
13th-Jan-2008 01:28 pm - *tenth*
For those of you who are wondering - yes, I'm on board right now. My brother Lloyd has managed the impossible and convinced our parents to let us return. I don't know what he said to them and what he's planning to ask us in return, but he's done it.

Now I'll have to come up with a new nickname for Lloyd. I don't think "f***ing bastard" will be 100% accurate any longer.
2nd-Jan-2008 09:35 am - *ninth*
This has got to be the worst possible way to start a year.

We finally found out what the Umbitch did to Letty. And I can see why she didn't want to talk about it, as I think I'd try and hide it from the rest of the world if it had happened to me. That effing cow. The problem is, my parents have found out as well, and are now determined not to let us return to Hogwarts. I've begged, I cried, I threw a tantrum, but nothing seems to work. They say they don't want their children to go back to a place where the teachers torture the students.

This is so unfair. I have to go back! I love Hogwarts! All my friends are there. And I love my friends!

What am I going to do?
22nd-Dec-2007 09:56 am - *eight*
Well, rest in peace, Leo Mallory. You'll be missed.

Honestly, Elz, there was no reason to shove that thing down my throat. I would have taken it. Eventually. I wish I had the chance to kick my brother's arse before I changed, though.

It was a good thing it happened, though, as I was starting to fancy myself a bit too much. I won't admit it to a soul, though.
20th-Dec-2007 09:45 am - *seventh*
Hello, ladies.
8th-Dec-2007 11:02 am - *sixth*
I've began a new sport, which I recommend to anyone who reads this. All it requires is a knife and fork, Quentin, and the most outrageous French accent you can muster. It's immensely fun to see the git squealing like a pig whenever silly little me starts yelling "I ezz in ze mood for some frrog legs!" while brandishing the cutlery. Besides, the few minutes you spend running after him are good exercise, which means it's both funny and healthy. Well, until McGonagall finds out, anyway.

Now, all I need is a name for this sport. Froggy Tag? Screaming Oakby?
28th-Nov-2007 09:47 am - *fifth*
The mistletoe seems to be avoiding me. I have been searching for it ever since it was first spotted, and nothing. It figures, though - now that I've got my shiny and delicious peppermint-chocolate lip gloss, there's nobody I can test it on.

Anyway, moving on to another subject: for those of you who might be interested, Luke and I have managed to corner Letty and ask her about her recent detention. It took a lot of effort (and some threats to tell Mum) but she eventually revealed that she placed some very sharp pins on Umbridge's seat before class, and that she was responsible for writing "Educational Degree Number 8888888: Umbridge is a fat cow" on a wall. She's refusing to say what she had to do for detention, though.
I think that's official: my sweet-looking little sister is the devil's spawn.
15th-Nov-2007 09:48 am - *fourth*
Okay, this was funny, but the joke of having stupid kids going "arf!" or "woof!" every time I walk by passed its expiration date very quickly.
However, I wouldn't mind it so much if one of those stupid kids didn't happen to be my sister. What's she doing hanging out with a group of Slytherins? She's a Ravenclaw, for goodness' sake, and a Muggle-born! I thought they were meant to despise Muggle-borns.

This reminds me of a message my mother told me to give to everybody in Letty's house who is in a position of power, like Cho Chang or Roger Davies: if you ever see my sister behaving badly, my family grants you permission to give her a clip across the ear. Since Letty is in Ravenclaw it's a bit hard for me and Luke to act as Mum's replacement (and I doubt she'd accept our authority).

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10th-Nov-2007 01:27 pm - *third*
rock on
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's...

The Amazing Drowned Poodle!

This amazing undead creature, who likes to live on the heads of pink merange-like girls, has the ability to kick the bony derrieres of bitchy slags.

Yes, I'm tickled to death by my rating. Why do you ask?
5th-Nov-2007 07:24 pm - *second*

That lifetime ban nonsense? Utter biased crap. And I have this gloomy feeling that, even if nothing had happened, she'd find a way to screw us up.

Okay, Leanne, deep breath. Try to think of something positive...

Hagrid's back. Hagrid's back. Hagrid's back. Hagrid's back. Hagrid's back. Hagrid's back. Hagrid's back. Hagrid's back.
Damn, it didn't work.
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